The following are Local, State, and Federal policy positions and topics that are of interest to members of the Newbury Democratic Town Committee, representing potential opportunities for organization and action.

Items on this page are not endorsements of the Newbury Democratic Town Committee as a whole, unless noted.


Comcast customers in Newbury pay a service fee to support television programming for local government, public access, and education. The town has a significant amount of this money in the bank already, and has recently increased the rate that Comcast charges it’s customers.

Joe McDonough, NDTC member, argues that the town should appropriate half of this funding to supporting the Triton High School video and media production program, which has suffered under a lack of funding.


Previously, education has been viewed as an issue of concern for parents and educators, however as COVID-19 continues to impact all aspects of life in the Commonwealth, education has become an important issue for all members of the community.

Melissa Goldner, Co-Chair of the NDTC, urges MA legislators to increase funding for COVID Relief and to fulfill the funding obligations they set when they passed The Promise Act, so that school districts like Triton are not left behind, hurting both our students and our communities.

Use taxes tend to be 'regressive', meaning that the less fortunate feel a larger burden, with these taxes representing a larger percent of their income. Lobbying groups will undoubtedly work to reduce the corporate share of the Transportation Revenue Package currently working its way through the Massachusetts Legislature. The Raise Up Massachusetts grassroots coalition works toward economic justice, and are working hard to ensure that that this investment does not solely fall on the working people of Massachusetts by making sure the State Senate keeps the Tiered Corporate Minimum Tax in the bill, as well as confirm its commitment to putting the Fair Share Amendment on the 2022 ballot. Corporations and wealthy individuals should pay their Fair Share in supporting quality public schools, affordable public higher education, and a transportation system that works.

Pam Wool, NDTC Issues and Outreach Sub-Committee Member, urges you to join this grass roots effort in asking your state legislators to support the Corporate Fair Share Amendment, and the Fair Share Amendment.


Donald Trump is a bad president, running a corrupt administration more interested in giving breaks to the wealthy than helping hard working Americans.

Dan Emerson, co-chair of the NDTC, believes that we all need to work hard to find the best candidate to beat Donald Trump, and then rally behind our choice to take a stand against corruption.


Joe Biden and Kamala Harris ran for office committing to show respect and compassion for those they disagree with, while also recognizing that their win included strong support from the progressive wing of the Democratic Party. Activists from across the spectrum came together to put these tested leaders in place to address the critical issues facing us today.

Dan Emerson, co-chair of the NDTC calls on the President and Vice President to push for progressive policies that help all Americans, while bringing respect and responsibility back to the office of the Presidency.